Happy Ram navami 2015 Images, Wishes, SMS


First of all happy Ram navami 2015 to every visitor of this blog . Ram Navami is a very big festival in Hindu religion, which celebrates the birth of the god Rama. As we already know Rama is the seventh and main avatar of Vishnu, is the oldest known god in human form. In this article you will get all the Best things about Ram Navami SMS, ram navami Images and Ram Navami wishes … [Read more...]

5 Tech Movies you should watch in your Lifetime


Time travel, hacking, virtual reality movies are like dream movies for tech geeks, we can watch these kinds of movies for 365 days without taking a break ;). Every year dozens of movies related to tech get launched but only some of them are worth watching while others are just a waste of your precious time. You should watch these Best tech movies 2015 in your lifetime to get … [Read more...]

My Twitter Account Is Suspended. Help!

If you came here because your Twitter account was suspended, not to worry, I am here to help! Sad to say, I have had my Twitter account suspended many times. You would think with me being a blogger, that would be likely since there is a slight level of “spamming” required to promote out blog and blog content within blogging communities, article hubs, and numerous social media … [Read more...]

How Alexa Rank Destroys New Bloggers

Alexa Rank, by far, is one of the biggest vacuums of time for new bloggers. New bloggers will devote their first 3 months solely to increasing their Alexa Rank. But, not in a natural manner. After downloading the Alexa toolbar,  they’ll obsess over this number – talking about it in forums, writing articles about it, and devising methods to improve manipulate it. With only … [Read more...]

How I Destroyed My Blog’s Alexa Rank – And I Couldn’t Be Happier!


  Wait? How could a guy be happy about a drastically declining Alexa Rank? I thought Alexa Rank was the key to blogger success and notoriety? (I’m being facetious here.) I think when most bloggers, (well, the ones who blog about blogging) get started, there is highly competitive nature to stand out amongst the crowd. There are typically 3 tell-tale signs that clue us … [Read more...]

How to Make Money Online with Adsense


It hasn’t been that long that you were approved into the Google AdSense network. You quickly placed AdSense ads on your site and sat back waiting for the magic to happen. You waited… and waited some more. Nothing happened. Were you doing something wrong? You are not alone. There are millions of blogs all struggling to earn CPC/CPM earnings from their AdSense ads. Will this … [Read more...]

How To Make Money Online Blogging With AdSense


Making money online is never done accidentally — but, making money online blogging, particularly with Google AdSense, requires even more of a concerted strategy these days. The typical method of making money online is through trial and error. But, do you really have time for that? In Part I of this series on making more money with AdSense, entitled “How To Make More Money … [Read more...]

How To Get Google AdSense Account Approval In 30 Days

Google Adsense Approval

Google AdSense account approval tips  Many bloggers still don't have Google AdSense account and you may be one of them. Every blogger wants to get Google AdSense approval because Google AdSense is the best advertisement network. By getting an AdSense account one can make lot of money by placing the ads on his blog. Making money with AdSense may be easy but getting … [Read more...]

WordPress vs Blogger Vs Tumblr : which is better

WordPress.com vs Blogger vs Tumblr

WordPress.com vs Blogger vs Tumblr In recent times, blogging has gained a lot of popularity among the internet users and many people have been blogging regularly at different platforms. Most of these people stay active on their blogs more than they are on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Whats App now days. Checkout : PicsArt for PC There are … [Read more...]

Best Google AdSense Alternatives With High Payouts List

Google AdSense Alternative

If u still not have Google Adsense, then you can make money without AdSense . It is not necessary that you should monetize your blog by AdSense only as there are many other options available for you. If your blog is getting good traffic then you can make money by making use of these Google AdSense Alternatives. You shouldn't feel bad that you don't have Google AdSense account … [Read more...]