My Twitter Account Is Suspended. Help!

If you came here because your Twitter account was suspended, not to worry, I am here to help!

Sad to say, I have had my Twitter account suspended many times. You would think with me being a blogger, that would be likely since there is a slight level of “spamming” required to promote out blog and blog content within blogging communities, article hubs, and numerous social media outlets — but, that was NOT why my Twitter accounts became either temporarily or permanently suspended at one point.

It was when I began to use Twitter as it was originally intended (as a regular user). With a lot of recent press to go after duplicate, fake accounts and accounts that uses incessant spamming, I can understand both Facebook and Twitter being concerned about a user’s experience and their site’s integrity and credibility. But, through all this hyper-sensitive “policing” of accounts, sometimes your Twitter account can be flagged for suspension needlessly.

There is good and bad news. The good news is the majority of accounts can be restored in as little as 5 minutes… or as long as a week. The bad news is you may never really know why your account was suspended, it could happen often, and the worst case scenario?  → some accounts will never be restored, despite all your pleading.

But, let’s get the process started of restoring your suspended Twitter account. Shall we?

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When Twitter Suspends Your Account

When you use Twitter, you agree to follow their rules. Twitter monitors people and does suspend accounts for breaking the rules they explain in their terms of service. If you follow the rules, you should not have any problem with Twitter. If you ever discover that your account has been suspended and you believe it is a mistake, you can contact Twitter and ask them to review their decision. Twitter places a red warning box on your profile page when it suspends your account. The box contains instructions and a link to the Twitter help system.

Twitter’s Review Request Form

Here’s the link you need to reach Twitter’s review request page and instructions for filling out the form.

  1. At “Regarding,” select “My account is suspended.”
  2. At “Subject,” provide a subject line that includes your username.
  3. At “Description of problem,” provide details about your account. If you have an idea what you did that triggered the account suspension, this is your chance to explain.
  4. At “Twitter username,” provide your Twitter username (if necessary).
  5. At “Email address,” provide the best email address to reach you (if necessary).
  6. At “Phone number,” you can provide a phone number for contact.

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Within a few minutes, you should receive an email from Twitter support. It will contain a copy of your review request, along with general information about why Twitter suspends accounts, and a ticket number. Twitter assigned your review request to one of the staff, and they get back to you about your request.


What To Do If Your Twitter Account Is Suspended

Here are my tips on what to do if your Twitter account is suspended.

  1. Fill out the review request form. If you cannot submit your request using this form, you can email your review request to them at Provide all of the information I listed above.
  2. Keep your cool. Things will take a while to unfold, and after you have submitted your review request, it is all out of your hands.
  3. Check on the status of your review request in your list of open requests. If your situation changes, or if you need to update your review request, you can modify your request from this page. Provide any additional information requested by Twitter staff.
  4. Resist the urge to submit multiple requests in your frustration. It won’t help you get faster service.
  5. Check the Twitter status blog, the @spam account, and search the public tweet stream to see if there is a lot of account suspension activity. It won’t help to fix your problem, but it might make you feel better while you wait.

The staff at Twitter don’t suspend accounts on a whim, and they work quickly to resolve account issues when you report them.

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  1. The same situation i have found with my profile. I did mail to twitter and asked about problem , they told em that my account was attacked by someone. So, in case may be you could find yourself in the same thing.

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